As we receive our students every September, in the midst of the crimsons and ambers of the New England Autumn, we offer them a richness of formation in the intellectual, human and spiritual areas, which is complemented by New England culture and travel opportunities.  The hallmarks of the Overbrook students are leadership, strength of character, social grace, intellectual rigor and an apostolic heart forged in love for Christ and the Church.  The experience of studying at Overbrook Academy is an investment for the future success, personal happiness and the accomplishment of actual change in the world in which we live.  



An ability to think, speak and write clearly, coherently, precisely, attractively and persuasively.


Cultivates a person’s sensibility to what is good, just, and beautiful, recognizing the harmony of creation in relation to man, nature, and society


The student’s intellectual and human growth moves closer to perfection through God’s grace and the student’s spiritual efforts.

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Oct 26, 2018
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May 12, 2017
Overbrook Academy open their d...

Opening our door to local day students

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