Overbrook Academy offers a rich and challenging standards-based curriculum. We meet Common Core Standards, national content standards for each discipline, Cardinal Newman Society Standards and 21st Century Thinking Skills. 


Last year we introduced Blended Learning, a hybrid learning environment that combines on-line instruction, with small group instruction and hands-on learning. Each student works at her own level and pace as she progresses through the program of study.  


Each student works with staff to develop an Individual Learning PlanStandardized test scores, student interests and input from teachers are used to develop this plan. The Individual Learning Plan allows Overbrook to meet the learning needs of each individual student. 


The course of study includes the following 

 Science (six hours per week) 

  • Biology (grades six and seven) 

  • Physics (grade eight) 

  • Chemistry (grade nine) 

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) 


English (ten hours per week) 

  • Literature (curricular materials used vary according to grade level) 

  • Language Arts (grammar, writing, public speaking) 


Social Studies (five hours per week) 

  • World Cultures and Geography (grades six and seven) 

  • World History and Geography (grades eight and nine) 


Math (five hours per week) 

  • Common Core Math 7 

  • Common Core Math 8 

  • Common Core Pre-Algebra 

  • Common Core Algebra I 


Art & Technology (five hours) 

  • Visual Art 

  • Technology  


Catholic Formation (two hours) 

  • Placed according to results of a placement test. Content varies 


Theology of the Body (two hours) 

  • Content varies according to grade level 


French (two-hour elective) 

  • This elective is available to students who have achieved a minimum TOEFL Junior score of 800 


Book Club (two-hour elective with a focus on literacy) 

  • Students elect from one of six Book Clubs in which to participate 

  • This is a non-graded elective that focuses on reading and speaking in English  

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