Nov 11, 2016
Statewide Poetry Finalist

During the month of October, as part of a bullying awareness initiative, Overbrook students participated in a statewide poetry contest. The topic of the contest was “Bullying”. More than two hundred students statewide participated in this competition. Each poem was awarded points for addressing the problem of bullying and whether they presented a solution to the problem. Of the poems received by this state-wide initiative four Overbrook students were finalists –Paulina Badillo, Fatima Ibarra, Aranza Castilla and Lorenza Velarde. There were six winners statewide, two of whom were from Overbrook - Paulina Badillo and Lorenza Velarde.

Poems selected from this contest will be translated into music and dance and performed on March 30th by local professional vocalists and dancers. This event will be held at Providence Performing Arts Center. Overbrook will be attending!

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