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    Academic Program


    Overbrook Academy partnered with Saint Raphael Academy offers an academically rigorous program of study and cooperates with the integral formation of our students by promoting the development of skills and habits necessary to foster higher learning.

    We look to meet the individual learning needs of each of our students and this is accomplished through our unique and personalized motto:

    To Teach

    The students by giving them the appropriate knowledge corresponding to their grade.

    To Educate

    The students by developing in them a love for authentic values and a sense of what is good, right, noble and beautiful.

    To Form

    The character of the students as the foundation stone of all virtue and Integrity.

    We Promote:

    Rich store of knowledge in the western tradition

    Bringing the students closer to God

    Search and love for truth

    Clear and solid mental structure

    Development of an inquiring spirit, scientific knowledge

    Reflection, critical, and creative thinking

    Cognitive development, to learn efficaciously how to learn

    Effective organizational, managerial, and decision-making abilities

    Development of study skills and habits

    Goal setting

    Clear and precise oral and written expression

    Greater awareness about social and environmental concerns

    Become mature individuals

    Seek and cultivate virtues


    Enroll to Our Different Courses

    Annual Course - September to June

    This course runs from August to early June and is divided into four quarterly ranking periods.

    Autumn Course - September to December

    This course runs from September to mid-December.

    Spring Course - January to June

    This course runs from early January to early June.

    What you will find in our Academy

    We offer our High School students an exclusive section within our house where they have a personalized accompaniment, as well as personal, apostolic and spiritual formation in a family, healthy and safe environment. They are always being supervised by a consecrated, dean of discipline and a co-worker.

    The bedrooms have a capacity of 3 or 4 students each with their bed, desk and closet. They have bathrooms with individual showers and daily laundry service.

    The High School students have a living room, work and study areas, fitness room and so much more!