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Middle School

Our Academy

Overbrook Academy offers an academically rigorous program of study and cooperates with the integral formation of our students by promoting the development of skills and habits necessary to foster higher learning.

Middle School

We look to meet the individual learning needs of each of our students and this is accomplished through our unique and personalized motto: To Teach, To Educate, to Form.

Academic Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to support and challenge our student’s abilities in an English-speaking environment where all the subjects are taught in this language.

Grading Criteria

Overbrook Academy has two semesters (Fall and Spring) that are divided into quarterly ranking periods. Progress reports and report cards are issued quarterly.

Graduate Profile

The student who graduates from Overbrook Academy knows that personal formation has only just begun. The Overbrook Academy graduate is well equipped for high school and then college and is an authentic Christian leader.

Extracurricular Activities

Overbrook Academy believes deeply in the importance of athletics and the arts as an integral part of the total education of mind and body, therefore, strives to ensure that its sports and art clinics are recreational and formative.

Accomplishments by Students

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During the course of the year, the students have multiple opportunities to be recognized for their efforts in formation- academic, spiritual and persona. They may also be recognized for their commitment to speak in English. Some awards are presented monthly, some quarterly and some annually at graduation ceremony.