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    Dear parents,

    Welcome to Overbrook Academy!

    We know that you are always seeking an excellent education for your daughters that allows them to face life’s challenges as an authentic, motivated and compassionate women leaders.

    A year at Overbrook Academy is a once in a life time opportunity for young women grades 6-11 to study nine months in the United States in an environment that promotes her natural development, growth, exploration and maturity. It is a year full of courage and decision that we are happy to share with you and your daughter.

    With a student body ranging from 60-90 students each year, Overbrook Academy specializes in knowing and accompanying each student on her yearlong adventure. As well, our students have more opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities and receive personalized attention. This size also allows the girls to get to know everyone and develop close friendships that last a lifetime, uniting her to the Overbrook family.

    Overbrook Academy is best known for its strong academics, successful English program and the full development of all aspects of the person.  This is fruit of our four-tiered Integral Formation® methodology which focuses on the intellectual, spiritual, character, and apostolic development of each student. This formation is possible due to the experienced staff. With this formation and building on the foundations laid at home, the Overbrook students are given what is necessary to be strong leaders who value virtue and service to others, being true lights in our world.

    We know that any student attending Overbrook Academy cannot have a successful year without the support and involvement of her family back home. During this year away from home, your daughter will experience new things, learn, grow, make mistakes and mature. My staff and I desire to work together with each family, offering them formation and enrichment and together as a team for the best formation of your daughter.

    If you are interested in spending a year at Overbrook Academy, please contact your local promoter today! I look forward to get to know you and see you soon!


    Berenice García


    Become a part of the Overbrook family!