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    Child-Safe Enviroment

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    Child-Safe Enviroment

    Overbrook Academy facility, directive staff, teachers, deans and co-workers are accredited by the Praesidium Safe Environment Program in order to protect the rights and responsibilities of all students and staff.

    These policies and procedures are reflective of the academy’s mission and values and support the academy’s commitment to provide a supportive and safe learning, teaching and working environment for all students and staff. It is important for all of them to become familiar with all the policies and procedures set out by Overbrook Academy.

    Child-Safe Environment with Ongoing Integral Formation

    Overbrook Academy facility, directive staff and all volunteers are accredited by the Praesidium Safe Environment Program.
    Summer camp counselors and teachers are carefully selected and receive training.
    Counselor: camper ratio 1:10.
    Daily instruction and personal formation in social manners/etiquette, public speaking skills, relational skills, personal order and cleanliness, teambuilding skills, and positive leadership training.

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