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    Residential Life

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    Campus Areas

    The campus, located in Greenville, Rhode Island is made up of three buildings which include the main house, library and the classrooms. It has 48 acres of lands with 3 buildings, 4 basketball courts and a picnic area.

    School Facilities

    • Eight classrooms
    • Computer laboratory
    • Science laboratory
    • Auditorium
    • Multi-media Center
    • Infirmary
    • Gymnasium
    • Chapel
    • Library
    • School Shop

    Sport Facilities

    • Ballet room
    • Dance room
    • Oil painting room
    • Etiquette room
    • Music room
    • Fitness room
    • 4 basketball courts
    • Soccer field


    Each dorm area is divided into four bedrooms, sleeping up to six students in each room. Depending on the sections, the beds are single or bunk beds.

    • The Formation Instructors assign the rooms to the students.
    • Each student has two wardrobes, one in her bedroom and one in the dorm area and a locker and lock for her personal items.
    • Each area has a living room, gathering area for the students equipped with games, tables, couches, etc.

    Shower Rooms

    • They are located in each dorm area. Two students are assigned to one shower and each student has a cubby in the shower area for her personal toiletries.
    • Each area is equipped with mirrors and plenty of electrical outlets.
    • Adult supervision is always present outside the bathrooms during shower time.

    Dining Rooms

    • Students are assigned to a table within her section of six to eight students as well as an adult. There is an area for the salad bar as well.

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