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    Extracurricular Activities

    Overbrook Academy believes deeply in the importance of athletics and the arts as an integral part of the total education of mind and body, therefore, strives to ensure that its sports and art clinics are recreational and formative.

    In addition to developing a child’s body, well-monitored sports increase a girl’s self-confidence, her ability to work as a member of a team, her willingness to accept and meet challenges, and her desire for constant improvement: all essential elements in a woman of character.

    Students are introduced to different sports and art clinics, such as:

    • Basketball
    • Horseback Riding
    • Soccer
    • CrossFit, etc.

    And appreciate that these exercises have a wide range of benefits such as encouraging cardiovascular and muscular fitness and increase flexibility and endurance.

    We also believe that a student aesthetic sensitivity and creativity must also be developed as part of their Integral Formation.

    The arts strengthen problem solving, critical thinking skills, perseverance, focus, confidence and teaches students to try new things.

    Students may take:

    • Oil painting
    • Choir
    • Digital photography

    and so much more!