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    Who we are?

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    Who we are?

    Located in scenic New England and surrounded by the quiet residential neighborhood of Greenville, Rhode Island, Overbrook Academy is a comfortable and pleasant “home away from home” for the students.

    Overbrook Academy is a private international Catholic boarding school for young ladies in grades 6th through 11th founded in the United Sates in 1985 offering quality education to our students providing the most appropriate and safe environment, facilities, programs and personnel.

    We are a member of the OAK International Academies offering a unique environment to the Oak International pedagogy implementing the Integral Formation® method of education which is a comprehensive system for developing and operating schools in accordance with the principles of education presented by Semper Altius. This method of education is successfully developing authentic Catholic leaders in schools worldwide.

    Integral Formation is summed up in the motto of our mission:

    Our mission is to offer an international environment where the girls receive personal accompaniment in their formative path; experiencing being known, well taken care of, and challenged to become Catholic Women leaders.



    In academic excellence, personal goals and apostolic projects, tools to make them leaders.


    Well Taken Care of

    Personal accompaniment, communication with parents at all times, spaces to feel at home.


    Formative Path

    Integral formation and Pastoral plan, self discovery and lifetime friendships.

    Based on the Christian view of the person, Integral Formation focuses on the complete development of all dimensions of the person:


    We set high, yet attainable, academic expectations for our students. Intellectual Formation is essential for us to form great leaders by giving them the appropriate knowledge corresponding to their grade as well as the practical techniques she needs for her personal and professional future under the leadership of qualified and dedicated teachers and staff who are always offering them personal academic attention.


    We cultivate our young ladies’ sensibility to what is good, right, noble, just and beautiful, recognizing the harmony of creation in relation to man, nature, and society. We include social etiquette, an appreciation for the arts and physical fitness, resulting in a healthy mind in a healthy body. Our graduates are valued members of our community, persons of character and integrity that possess principles based in truth that govern their actions and passions, they value and cultivate the virtues of justice, sincerity, fidelity to their word, commitment, honesty, and a well-formed conscience as well as having a healthy self-confidence and respect for others.


    We offer the opportunity to enable our young ladies to go into society to serve as Christian leaders and apostles, actively responding to the needs of the Church and humanity, creating a civilization of justice and love. Through serving others and a vibrant apostolic life, each student discovers Christ, becomes more like Christ and experiences His love more profoundly.
    We aim to develop in them the heart of an apostle, a heart sensitive and responsive to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of others involving them weekly in apostolic projects as well as an active weekly participation in prolife activities within the diocese.


    We aim to help our young ladies to develop an authentic spiritual life, fulfilling the mission for which they were created by developing a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ where He becomes the ultimate motive for all of their choices and actions.


    The logo on its emblem reads: “Integra Mulier”. This refers to the Integral Formation offered to the students which includes the intellectual, human and spiritual growth, encouraging each student to become that “integral” woman she is called to be.


    The Academy is recognized by the Rhode Island Department of Education and is a member of The Private Independent School and The Official Catholic Directory.


    We are accredited by AdvancEd and our staff is certified through Praesidium child safety.