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    St. Raphael Academy Student Life

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    St. Raphael Academy Student Life

    An immersion in American culture with the care, accompaniment and formation of OAK International!

    St. Raphael Academy is private, Catholic, co-educational High School, located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, 20-30 minutes from Overbrook Academy with approximately 450 students and a student-teacher ratio of 18:1.

    This year they received 30 International Students and they have
    a specific department for all international students.

    About St. Raphael Academy

    Dress Code

    Students at St. Rays are expected to dress appropriately at all times while on campus before, during, and after school.

    Laptops for all

    St Rays provides the students with a laptop and the first 3 weeks are of pre-therapeutic courses, tutorials and extracurricular classes.



    The students are taken and picked up to the academy by our staff.

    The school

    It has 7 buildings, where each of them specializes in an academic area (humanities, mathematics, arts, sports, etc.). Each building has a supervisory staff and Study Halls.


    Classes are between 18 and 20 students. Students change class-building in each class period, having 6 minutes to make the change and must be punctual since the doors of the building are closed after that time.

    Complementary Classes

    The students arrive in August and have an interview with the coordinator or counselor to choose the compulsory and optional subjects.