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    Camp Counselor Application Process

      What is your English level?

      Are you an OAK alumni?

      Have you been to Camp Horizons before?

      Do you have experience leading groups of girls?

      Which one? How many times?

      Are you involved in ECYD or Regnum Christi YesNo

      Are you completely available from June 24th to July 27th ?

      What are three reasons why you want to be a summer camp counselor?

      Please add a picture of you *:

      Once approved, you will be sent a more extensive application and enter the counselor selection process. There is a limited number of counselors we can accept. The final list will be selected by April 1st.
      Selection Process includes:
      - Application form
      - Two Recommendation letters
      - Written Parental Permission
      - Written preparation of a night activity and night reflection for a specific age group
      - About 3-4 online virtual meetings/trainings

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